Disaster preparedness tips for homeowners – Part 2

Let’s continue with part 2 of the article written by Peter P. Duncanson: Often, the most dangerous phase of a disaster isn’t immediately when it hits – it’s during the aftermath.

Losing access to essential supplies is a serious concern, so it’s important that you’re able to get by during the hours or days before things return to normal. Keep an emergency disaster kit stocked with all the necessities you’ll need to ensure the health, safety and comfort of your family.

Emergency kit basics include:

  1. Drinking water and nonperishable foods
  2. First aid supplies
  3. Prescriptions and other essential medicines
  4. Flashlights and batteries
  5. Spare clothing, blankets, shoes and outerwear
  6. Important documents like passports and insurance information
  7. If you have animals, include pet food and supplies