Holiday Package Deliveries – Preventing Thefts

According to the August Home “Package Theft Report,” roughly 11 million homeowners have had a package stolen in the last year. And with the holidays upon us, let’s look at some ways to prevent theft of packages.

Packages left sitting overnight are almost sure to be gone by morning, having been stolen by so-called “porch pirates.” If deliveries are expected at your residence, make sure you will be there to get them inside as quickly as possible. If you work and can’t be home when packages arrive, use alternative delivery options, such as having the items delivered to a store for pick-up, ship to an alternate location, such as the address of a trusted neighbor or friend, or shipped to your work address.

Several options from delivery sources are available. FedEx offers a service called Delivery Manager and UPS features a My Choice option that gives you some control over when and where packages arrive. On the other hand, you and your neighbors might agree to collect packages for each other if you see boxes left on each other’s doorsteps.

In some more densely populated areas of the country, there are secure or parcel lockers available where customers may pick up packages at their convenience. UPS allows customers to pick up packages from a holding area at businesses, such as a local dry cleaner or convenience store, such as UPS Access Point Network.

Another example of a self-service parcel delivery is Amazon Locker. You find an Amazon Locker near you and add it to your address book. When ordering, use it as your location when you check out. When the package is delivered, you will be emailed a 6-digit code with which to open the locker. Use of the locker is free and you have three days to collect your package.

Another option for Amazon Prime members is to use Amazon Key, which gives customers the option of allowing Amazon to deliver packages just inside your front door. Access can also be granted to other people you trust, such as family members, friends, or even the dog walker or house cleaner.

A new product called Package Guard is a disc that is a connected package portal that sends an alert to your phone whenever a delivery arrives so you can have it stored elsewhere right away.

Any one of these delivery options will help your holidays merry and bright … and theft-free.



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