Play it safe at your Super Bowl party

The big game – Super Bowl LII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots – is set for Sunday, February 4th. This year, about 45 percent of Americans plan to host or attend a Super Bowl party. Insurance experts advise homeowners who choose to host a Super Bowl party to anticipate potential liabilities – on the chance something unexpected occurs that results in an insurance claim.

“Parties and holidays are times to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company,” said Heather Bolyard, vice president of Claims for American Modern. “Unfortunately, guests on your property are also a risk for which you may be held responsible.”

Should an accident happen, she advises taking the following steps:

  • Address any injuries first.
  • Ensure other guests are safe and secure.
  • Take pictures.
  • Quickly report the loss to the insurance company.
  • Be sure to provide the names and contact information for witnesses.
  • If possible, secure the scene for the insurance company to visit and complete an assessment.

“You put a lot of work into hosting a party,” said Bolyard. “Do your best to be prepared … Then, enjoy the party knowing that you are insured in case an accident occurs.”

Later this week, we’ll post more tips to safeguard against potential homeowner liabilities when hosting a Super Bowl party – or any party for that matter.