Some of the differences between collision and comprehensive insurance

Collision and comprehensive insurance are two important types of car insurance to understand. While collision and comprehensive coverages are similar and often sold together, they do not cover the same problems.

Collision insurance pays for:

  • Damage to your car if you hit an object such as a fence, pole, another vehicle or a pothole
  • Damage to your car if someone else hits you
  • You have the option when the accident is clearly not your fault to make a claim against the other driver’s liability insurance to pay you for the damage to your car

If the collision is your fault, your rates go up.

Comprehensive insurance pays for:

  • The value of your car if it’s stolen and not recovered
  • Damage from:
    • Weather such as tornadoes, floods or hail
    • Fire or explosions
    • Falling objects
    • Crashes with animals such as a deer
    • Riots and civil disturbances

Comprehensive claims do not cause your rates to go up.

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