Price or coverage. Which do you prefer?

Recently, a homeowner insured by E. R. Munro and Company had to replace a very expensive custom-made set of French doors. The glass had shattered but remained in the door frame.

No one knows how the door became damaged. Was it a vandal, hit by a tree branch or just wear and tear of the door? Under a homeowners policy, wear and tear is not covered and because the door was custom-made, the entire door needed to be replaced at a cost of over $24,000.

There could have been two possible outcomes for this homeowner – if he had a low-priced insurance policy, no payment would have been made since no one could prove the damage was not caused by wear and tear.

But because E. R. Munro and Company provided this homeowner with proper coverage with an “A++”-rated insurance company, the claim was paid, minus the deductible.

What’s more important to you? Price or coverage? Give E. R. Munro and Company a call at 1-877-376-8676, Ext. 136, to speak with Nadine. She will help you if coverage is more important than price.