Preventing Construction Site Thefts

Construction equipment and material theft is big business and it’s growing. Estimates say that theft and vandalism account for more than $1 billion a year in losses and other costs to builders.

Construction job site theft losses are more than just the costs of losing expensive equipment and materials. Contracts have to pay to replace or rent equipment to finish the job. There’s also the costs of downtime and project overruns if the missing equipment and materials delay a project. Plus, insurance premiums may increase.

Thieves target more than just construction equipment. Materials, especially copper and other metals, are targets of construction job site thefts.

Here are some tips for securing your job site and preventing equipment and material thefts:

  1. Increase lighting during off hours.
  2. Let employees know the boss is paying attention.
  3. Schedule supplies as needed.
  4. Keep good records.
  5. Practice effective inventory management.
  6. Secure your perimeter.
  7. Review your current security plan.
  8. Use theft deterrents and proven recovery systems.