Winter Weather Insurance: What’s Covered and What’s Not

Winter weather causes about $26,000 in damages to homes each year. Here are some examples of what your homeowners insurance will cover if you have winter weather damage:

  • Wind storm damage like peeled roof shingles
  • Structure damage from fallen trees (even if it’s your neighbor’s tree that falls onto your home or property)
  • Water damage from burst pipes (as long as you kept your home at an adequate interior temperature)
  • Damage from lightning, power outages and electrical surges

Examples of what is not usually covered:

  • Flooding other than from burst pipes
  • Mudslide damage
  • Damage from melting snow
  • Ice quake – This occurs when water under the ground freezes, causing the earth to expand and shake the ground, thereby damaging homes and property.
  • Ice surge – This occurs when sheets of ice from nearby bodies of water push onto shore, damaging homes and property. Damage from an ice surge would be covered through flood insurance.

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