Exeter Woman Inducted into Auctioneer Hall of Fame

Linda Lewis, of Exeter, Pennsylvania, became the second woman to be inducted into the state’s Auctioneer Hall of Fame.

Her husband, James, who was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2005, recused himself from deliberations when his wife’s name was brought up as a potential nominee.

The criteria to be inducted is simple, according to the Citizens Voice newspaper account. The auctioneer must have at least 25 years of licensed auctioneering, be an active member of the Pennsylvania Auctioneer’s Association and must demonstrate a “dedication to the profession that goes above and beyond the calling of the auction business.”

James Lewis said she was chosen because “everyone knows she’s the backbone” of their auction business, Chuck’s Auction Service, which was started in 1975 by her husband and father.

The Hall of Fame inductees are decided a year in advance. Her husband and son, Corey, had to keep her nomination a secret until the January 10th award ceremony in Harrisburg. Her husband presented her with the plaque. It was the only time a husband presented the award to his wife in the history of the event.

The first woman inducted into the state’s Auctioneer Hall of Fame was Sandy Brittingham, of Rittenhouse Auction Company, in 2013.

Congratulations Linda!