The Dangers of Groundwater Flooding

The common problem for homeowners during heavy rains and flooding is damage caused by groundwater.

Groundwater includes sewer water that backs up into your home through the basement floor drain, water that seeps through your foundation from heavy rains, melting snow, and water from flooding.

If water comes into your home at or below ground level, the resulting damage is not covered by your homeowners insurance.

Ways to reduce the dangers of groundwater flooding include:

  • Waterproofing your basement walls to help prevent minor flooding
  • Installing a surface drainage system around the perimeter of the basement floor
  • Install one or more sump pumps as part of an internal drainage system

The ultimate protection for groundwater damage is flood insurance. Just remember, flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period after it is purchased before any flood damage would be covered. Additionally, flood insurance won’t cover personal property in a basement or area where all four walls are below ground.