Nationwide Extending Payment Plans for Personal and Commercial Customers

Since March, Nationwide has provided customers financial relief upon request by waiving late fees, deferring payments and allowing mid-term policy changes without penalty.

Commercial lines

Nationwide will continue to provide billing leniency options through June 15, including customers who have previously requested leniency. This is a change from the previous leniency expiration date of May 15. The accrued premium will be spread across the remainder of the customer’s invoices.

Personal lines

Nationwide is automatically extending relief through June 15 to our personal lines customers who are currently on billing holds or elected to not make a payment while on a state-mandated hold by spreading the accrued premium across the next six months.

Please note: When Nationwide payment plan guidelines exceed mandated requirements, Nationwide guidelines will be followed. When mandated requirements are broader than Nationwide guidelines, the mandatory guidelines will be followed for that state.

With COVID-19 still presenting difficult circumstances for individuals and businesses alike, Nationwide and E. R. Munro and Company are committed to responding to customers’ unique needs and providing extraordinary care.

For more information on Nationwide’s extended payment plans, please contact Nadine at E. R. Munro and Company at 1-877-376-8676, ext. 136.