Our History

Farmers Bank Building

Farmers Bank Building, 1918 Pittsburgh, PA

Dating back to 1885, E. R. Munro and Company’s first office was a branch of a Canadian bonding company, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and managed by Edward R. Munro.

In 1900, Munro hired S. I. Aronson to “manuscript” bonds. Aronson hand wrote bond forms to suit the needs of individual bond customers.

Years later, Aronson convinced Munro that they could do better as business partners and agents. On March 1, 1918, E. R. Munro and Company opened its doors with an announcement (pictured). The Guarantee Company of North America (pictured) also announced the new partnership.

E. R. Munro & Company Announcement

1918 Announcements

During that first year as business partners, Aronson suggested they include automobile insurance as part of their business. Munro agreed and let Aronson handle the project since he thought cars were just a passing fancy and not worth his time.

Aronson welcomed his two sons and daughter to the overall development and operation of the company. The youngest son, Sam Aronson, entered the company upon his return from World War II. For 50 years, he maintained the traditions of honest, dependable service. He provided customers with top-notch bonds to meet their needs at competitive prices. Staff members were educated in the correct methods of producing bonds. They knew how to obtain the best possible products for the company’s valued customers.

Continuing in the tradition established by his father, Sam Aronson introduced his sons to the business. They represent the third generation in the agency and expanded the bond and insurance departments.

E. R. Munro’s current owner and president is Tod E. Aronson, AAI, CIC, CPIA. He manages the insurance department and specializes in insuring individuals, families, and small family-owned businesses. When he joined the company, the agency had licenses in only four states. Since then, Tod Aronson has acquired licenses for the agency and himself in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The company holds generalist and niche positions within the industry. E. R. Munro knows of no one selling more Pennsylvania notary public, Pennsylvania auctioneer, and Pennsylvania constable bonds. Other niches include mortgage brokers, private investigators, small businesses, individuals, and families throughout the United States.

As an independent insurance agency, E. R. Munro represents not one, but six insurance and 10 surety bonding companies.

E. R. Munro and Company is located in Gateway Center in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. We cordially invite you to call or make an appointment to discuss your insurance and bond needs.