Protecting Your Home Against Ice Dams

Much of the country is currently experiencing snow, freezing rain and ice. Some homes can be subject to “ice dams” building up on their roofs and gutters. Ice dams occur when the gutter gets clogged with snow, freezes and then the ice and snow back up under the roof shingles.  This causes damage to the […]

Water Damage Mitigation: What You Should Know

Water damage as a result of frozen or broken water pipes is the most frequent cause of damage to the home. Repair from water damage is costly and time consuming. Homeowners that have had a leak before are twice as likely to have another. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to repair water […]

Save Money Through Safe Driving

If you’re a safe driver, you deserve to save money on your insurance policy. Not everyone drives the same, so one policy does not fit all. Attentive drivers can save money by staying safe behind the wheel using telematic programs. Telematic programs are a new, innovative way to base your insurance policy on your driving […]

How to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

There are many ways you can prepare yourself and your home to avoid damage claims and high rates in the New Year. Many carriers are raising their rates this year due to the large number of claims made in 2020. E .R. Munro is happy to provide you with tips on how to keep your […]

Why Choose Chubb?

When picking an insurance company, the question to ask is not whether the company is worth the money. The real question is, what happens when you have a claim? Tod Aronson, president of E.R. Munro and Company, was on his way home from work on Friday, when a deer struck his car. He was not […]

Dog Bites and Your Homeowners Insurance

If you have a dog that is considered by the insurance industry as “aggressive,” your homeowners insurance policy may take a drastic hit. Some home insurance companies may require a special rider in order to extend coverage on that property or they may refuse coverage completely. Here’s why: According to the Insurance Information Institute, liability […]

Munro Offices Closed for Labor Day

The offices of E. R. Munro and Company will be closed on Monday, September 7, 2020 for the Labor Day holiday. We wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Back to School Safety Tips

With many children heading back to brick and mortar schools in the next several weeks, parents should talk to them about these safety tips: Be on alert when walking in school zones and near bus stops. Drivers don’t always heed warning signs. Remind your children to follow safety rules while on the bus and at […]

Home Renovations and Your Homeowners Insurance

This year, more and more individuals spent time at home, perhaps looking at outdated kitchens and walls in need of fresh coats of paint. According to a 2020 Home Renovation Consumer Survey, 62 percent of Americans are planning a home renovation project this year. About one-third said they will do the work themselves. How will […]

Getting a Moving Violation Ticket Will Impact Your Auto Insurance

Most of us has, at one time or another, received a ticket for some sort of auto violation. While the ticket may cost you $150, depending on the violation, the impact on your auto insurance premium can be significant. There are six violations that cost drivers over $1,000 a year in rate hikes and have […]