Holiday Package Deliveries – Preventing Thefts

According to the August Home “Package Theft Report,” roughly 11 million homeowners have had a package stolen in the last year. And with the holidays upon us, let’s look at some ways to prevent theft of packages.

Potential Fire Risks in Your Home – Part 3

We’ve covered the main sources of most house fires, but there are additional steps you can take to further protect your home from hazards you may not have considered until now.

Potential Fire Risks in Your Home – Part 2

When it’s cold outside, you need to keep your home warm, but you also want to keep it safe. Here’s what to look for when using space heaters and fireplaces.

Potential Fire Risks in Your Home

There are five potential fire risks in your home. So before you haul out the space heaters and candles for decorating, read on … we’re featuring two potential fire risks in this post. We’ll post the others in upcoming days. Cooking equipment The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but cooking equipment is […]

Debunking Renters Insurance Myths

Here’s the real scoop on renters insurance:

Think Safety When It Comes To Electricity

Here are some specific tips to avoid electrical fires in your home: Check for loose-fitting plugs in electrical outlets, which can be a fire hazard. Replace missing or broken wall plates so wiring and components are not exposed. Avoid overloading outlets with adapters and too many appliance plugs (especially important as the holiday season begins). […]

The One Thing You’re Forgetting to do Before Leaving on Vacation

A new survey reveals that when preparing to go on vacation, most homeowners are careful to safeguard against fire and theft, but fail to appreciate the degree of damage a leak can cause in their absence.

Update on Pennsylvania Compensation Increase

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has not made a decision on a mid-year increase in workers’ compensation costs despite the November 1 effective date, and as reported in this blog last week. 

Workers Compensation Premiums to Increase

As of November 1, 2017,  workers’ compensation premiums will increase by 6.06 percent, as per the Pa Compensation Rating Bureau. The increase was necessary to adapt to the Supreme Court striking down a major provision of the Workers’ Compensation Act regarding American Medical Association permanent impairment evaluation standards.

Remove Out of Date Registration Stickers if Traveling Out of PA

Pennsylvania drivers with those expired registration stickers have two choices – remove them from your vehicle or make sure you are prepared just in case you get pulled over out of state. Politicians and law enforcement agencies from across the Keystone State have taken to social media to alert Pennsylvania drivers that there’s a chance those […]


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