Title Agent Surety Bonds

The Title Agent Surety Bond ensures that the Title Agent adheres to the regulations governing the Title Industry. The Title Agent must prepare documents, handle closings, issues titles, handle escrow money and perform other duties as required by the states they operate in.

The Title Agent Surety Bond is a License and Permit Bond which “puts teeth” into the laws passed for the protection of the public. A bond is unlike insurance in that an insurance policy is written for the benefit of the policyholder while a bond is written for the benefit of a third party such as the state or its citizens.

Through a surety bond, the surety agrees to sustain — for the benefit of the obligee ( State or its Citizens ) — the obligations made by the principal ( Title Agent ) if the ( Title Agent ) fails to uphold its promises to the obligee ( State or its Citizens ). For a premium charge, the Surety will extend its financial strength in the form of surety credit to the Principal to provide assurance that the Title Agent will adhere to all laws and regulations applicable.

If a claim is filed, the Surety will pay the claim and seek reimbursement from the ( Title Agent ) for the amount paid on the claim and any legal fees incurred. The amount of the bond is determined by State Statutes and can vary from State to State.

Available Policies & Rates
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