Notary Bonds

Even the best notaries can make errors that can cost the customer money. Protect your customers from financial loss with a notary bond from E. R. Munro and Company.

Bonds are required in many states as part of the notary appointment and reappointment process. E. R. Munro and Company provides notarial bonds at competitive prices in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

Free Notary Errors & Omissions (E&O) Policy: If you purchase a notary bond for any of the states listed below, you will receive a notary E&O insurance policy from CNA Surety at no additional cost. Below are the coverage amounts for each free notary E&O policy. If you are interested in higher limits of E&O protection, please click here to view additional policy limits available.

  • $15,000 – DC
  • $10,000 – AK, ID, KS, MI, MO, MS, NM, TN
  • $7,500 – KY
  • $5,000 – AZ, IL, IN, NE, NV, OK, SD, WI, WY

Can you afford a lawsuit because you made an innocent notarial mistake?

To protect you as the notary, E. R. Munro and Company offers notary errors & omission insurance for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Learn more to view the available policies and rates for your state.

Available Notary Bonds & Rates
Call 877-ERMUNRO (376-8676) to speak with a bond specialist. To expedite your request, contact Carrie Robinson at extension 117.

State Penalty Years Premium Actions
Alabama$25,0004$50.00Get Application
Alaska$1,0004$50.00Get Application
Arizona$5,0004$50.00Get Application
Arkansas$7,50010$50.00Get Application
California$15,0004$38.00Get Application
District of Columbia$2,0005$50.00Get Application
Florida$7,5004$40.00Get Application
Hawaii$1,0004$40.00Get Application
Idaho$10,0006$60.00Get Application
Illinois$5,0004$30.00Get Application
Indiana$25,0008$75.00Get Application
Kansas$7,5004$50.00Get Application
KentuckyVaries4VariesGet Application
Louisiana$10,0005$110.00Get Application
Michigan$10,0006$55.00Get Application
Mississippi$5,0004$50.00Get Application
Missouri$10,0004$50.00Get Application
Montana$25,0004$70.00Get Application
Nebraska$15,0004$40.00Get Application
Nevada$10,0004$50.00Get Application
New Mexico$10,0004$50.00Get Application
North Dakota$7,5004$50.00Get Application
Oklahoma$1,0004$30.00Get Application
Pennsylvania$10,0004$30.00Get Application
South Dakota$5,0006$50.00Get Application
Tennessee$10,0004$50.00Get Application
Texas$10,0004$50.00Get Application
Utah$5,0004$50.00Get Application
Washington$10,0004$50.00Get Application
West Virginia$1,0005$50.00Get Application
Wisconsin$5004$30.00Get Application
Wyoming$5004$50.00Get Application

Please download the Notary Bond & Liability Insurance application and fill out the form and return it to E. R. Munro and Company.


  • DC residents must send us the original bond of Notary Public sent to you by the district; fax copies will not be accepted.
  • PA residents must send us a copy of your blank bond sent by the state.