Constable Liability Insurance

According to the laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, every elected and appointed constable and deputy constable must file proof of professional liability insurance in their county’s Clerk of Courts Office before they are able to perform their constable duties.

As the state mandates minimum coverage of $250,000 per incident and a yearly aggregate of $500,000, E. R. Munro and Company is able to provide the required limits through the Capitol Indemnity Insurance Company who has a financial rating of “A” by A.M. Best.

A constable who fails to maintain the proper insurance coverage is prohibited from performing judicial duties. You will not be paid by the Clerk of Courts in your county without proof of constable liability insurance coverage. As a customer of E. R. Munro and Company we will provide your county’s Clerk of Courts with proof of insurance.

Prisoner Transport

Our General Liability and Business Automobile policies cover prisoner transport at no additional cost, subject to normal policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

If your vehicle is protected by a personal automobile policy, there is a very strong chance that prisoner transport is not covered. This can leave a serious gap in your insurance protection. How do you find out if your policy covers prisoner transport? Ask your current personal insurance agent.

If your current personal insurance agent confirms that you do not have coverage for prisoner transport then ask E. R. Munro and Company for a proposal to insure the vehicle you use as a constable with the addition of a Business Automobile policy.

Available Policies – Pennsylvania
Call 877-ERMUNRO (376-8676) to speak with an insurance agent.

Capitol Indemnity Insurance1
- Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland
  • Without Firearms
  • With Firearms2
- Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery
  • Without Firearms
  • With Firearms2
- Remaining Counties
  • Without Firearms
  • With Firearms2







To obtain a policy you must complete the entire application, sign it, provide a good clear copy of your Act 49 card, make payment in full and have the application accepted by the insurance company. In lieu of the Act 49 card, Capitol Indemnity will also accept a letter from the PCCD stating that you have completed your basic training. However, they will not provide firearms coverage until they receive the Act 49 card.

Download “Capitol Indemnity Insurance Application” Capitol_Indemnity_Ins_App.pdf – Downloaded 1004 times – 66 KB


  1. Policy does NOT include coverage for moonlighting. Terrorism coverage may be added for the additional premium shown.
  2. There is no policy exclusion for Tasers, Stun Guns or Similar devices or the variants of the pepper spray. Regardless evidence of certification must be submitted.