Tax Preparer Insurance (E&O)

This claims made comprehensive insurance policy provides:

  • Protection against honest mistakes
  • Protection against errors or omissions in your work
  • Interest payments and penalties to federal, state and local governments
  • Legal defense costs (attorney’s fees, court costs) up to the policy limit
  • Coverage for both your full-time and part-time employees, even if they only work seasonally
  • Covers not only you but your clients also
  • For an additional premium, bookkeeping is covered

Bookkeeping coverage:

  • If it is 1% to 10% of your business multiply your premium by 1.15
  • If it is 11% to 25% of your business multiply your premium by 1.25
  • If it is 26% to 75% of your business multiply your premium by 1.33
  • If it is over 75% you do not qualify for this policy

Retroactive coverage:

This policy1 renews annually. You may order the policy in your company’s name to cover one or more employees. There is a $250 deductible per claim and no more than $500 annually regardless of the number of claims.

Available Policies & Rates
Call 877-ERMUNRO (376-8676) to speak with an insurance agent.

Number of EmployeesCOVERAGE LIMIT
$10,000 per claim
$20,000 per year
$25,000 per claim
$50,000 per year
$50,000 per claim
$100,000 per year
$100,000 per claim
$200,000 per year

To obtain a policy you must complete the entire application. Fill out the form and return it to E. R. Munro and Company.

No coverage can be put into place until the signed and completed application is accepted by the insurance company. Some coverages and coverage limits may not be available based on the insurance company’s review of individual applications.

Download “Tax Preparer Liability Insurance Application” Tax Preparers E&O Application.pdf – Downloaded 217 times – 165 KB


  1. Policies not issued in Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Vermont or Virginia. Call for pricing in Hawaii.
  2. 10% discount for enrolled agents or members of Tax Preparer’s Association.
  3. 15% discount if you are both an enrolled agent and a member of a Tax Preparer’s Association.