Do you have examples of auctioneer claims that you have paid?

  1. An auctioneer brought in a friend to help prepare a building for an auction sale. As the friend was walking down the stairs, the stairs collapsed, he fell and was paralyzed. The auctioneer claimed he did not have employees and did not purchase Workers Compensation Insurance. The auctioneer received a lawsuit seeking payment for injuries, lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation, etc. Who will pay? With no Workers Compensation Coverage the auctioneer will be liable.
  2. An auctioneer had a safe stolen from his place of business. Value of the items stolen was over $34,000. This auctioneer had a BOP and was reimbursed in full for his loss.
  3. Lightning struck an auction house, causing damage to the computer system and phone lines. Our policy paid over $4,500 for a new computer and phone system.
  4. During an estate sale, a buyer went beyond the roped-off area and slipped and fell. She later sued the auctioneer for her injuries. She did not win the lawsuit because the auctioneer was not found liable for her injuries. However, the policy paid $2,300 for defense costs. This would have come out of the auctioneer’s pocket had he not had Liability Coverage.
  5. A bank hired an auctioneer to conduct a bankruptcy auction. When the auctioneer advertised it as a bankruptcy, the owner of the bankrupt business filed a lawsuit against the auctioneer for libel and slander, claiming he was not going bankrupt and the auctioneer hurt his business through his advertising. The auctioneer was found not liable and won the lawsuit. But he incurred legal fees of over $5,000. Liability Insurance paid the legal fees for defending the auctioneer.