Play it safe this Halloween

Halloween is all fun and games until a trick-or-treater trips, knocks over your jack-o-lantern, and sets your front porch on fire. 

Bizarre Halloween Lawsuits

     As if Halloween isn’t scary enough, check out these five bizarre Halloween lawsuits. 1.  Deborah Mays v. Gretna Athletic Boosters Inc. The defendants (Gretna Athletic Boosters) who operated a haunted house, were taken to court by Mays who became frightened when an employee jumped out at her. She ran into a cinderblock wall covered […]

Tips to Avoid Halloween Hazards

   The Pennsylvania Insurance Department reminds homeowners to use common sense on trick-or-treat night.  With kids in costumes, candles in pumpkins and extra neighborhood pedestrian traffic, the chances of an accident or mishap increases on Halloween.