Keep Disaster Away When You Deck the Halls

When decorating for the holidays, keep in mind that decorations such as candles and Christmas trees can lead to disaster.

Why you have a deductible

No one likes paying a deductible. It means you had a loss and submitted a claim to your insurance company.

Thinking About Spring

With spring flowers coming into bloom, it’s time to consider updating your home and auto insurance.

Improve Your Insurance Quality for College-Age Children

Playing it safe in the pool

The backyard swimming pool always provides fun and relaxation on hot summer days.

Tips for Dealing with a Flood Disaster

Did you know that floods and flash floods are the most common natural disasters occurring in all 50 states? Additionally, one in three flood insurance claims are generated outside areas considered “flood-prone.”

When it comes to homeowners insurance, should you have replacement cost or actual cash value?

If you’re like most people, your home is probably your most prized and valuable possession. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are properly and adequately insured so that, in the event that your home is destroyed or damaged, your homeowners policy will cover 100 percent of the cost to either replace it or […]

What if that meteorite had exploded over the U.S.?

The sonic boom from last week’s meteorite that exploded over Russia injured 1,100 people and damaged 3,000 buildings. So here’s a what if?  What if that meteorite had exploded over the United States? Would damage to homes be covered under a homeowners  insurance policy?

Thinking About Your Child’s College Dorm Room

In just a few weeks, millions of college students will be heading back to the dorms for the start of fall classes.

Million Dollar Lawsuits Happen … A PUP Can Protect You

A couple hosted a pool party for their teenagers. They did not provide any alcohol but someone brought some and made it available to the guests. After leaving the party, one teenager was severely injured in an auto accident and the injury was attributed to his consumption of alcohol.