Why You Should Expect Increased Rates in 2021

Lockton, Inc. published an article in 2020 about why insurance carriers are increasing premiums and not renewing policies. The personal insurance market has continued to harden for several years and is expected to worsen throughout 2021. We would like to share a few things you should expect this year, according to Lockton, so you can […]

Protecting Your Home Against Ice Dams

Much of the country is currently experiencing snow, freezing rain and ice. Some homes can be subject to “ice dams” building up on their roofs and gutters. Ice dams occur when the gutter gets clogged with snow, freezes and then the ice and snow back up under the roof shingles.  This causes damage to the […]

Water Damage Mitigation: What You Should Know

Water damage as a result of frozen or broken water pipes is the most frequent cause of damage to the home. Repair from water damage is costly and time consuming. Homeowners that have had a leak before are twice as likely to have another. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to repair water […]

Save Money Through Safe Driving

If you’re a safe driver, you deserve to save money on your insurance policy. Not everyone drives the same, so one policy does not fit all. Attentive drivers can save money by staying safe behind the wheel using telematic programs. Telematic programs are a new, innovative way to base your insurance policy on your driving […]

How to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

There are many ways you can prepare yourself and your home to avoid damage claims and high rates in the New Year. Many carriers are raising their rates this year due to the large number of claims made in 2020. E .R. Munro is happy to provide you with tips on how to keep your […]

If your mortgage is sold

The following blog article is from E. R. Munro and Company’s quarterly newsletter, I.Q. If you would like a free subscription to I.Q., please send an email to:  [email protected] and include your name and home or business address.  We do not sell addresses to third parties. If your mortgage is sold Lenders sell mortgages to other […]

Winter and Your Insurance

Winter conditions bring entirely different risks that may impact your insurance coverage. Let’s take a look at the top three risks. Slippery driving – Before the next winter storm hits, check your automobile policy to determine if it’s appropriate for your needs. Luxury vehicles, new cars and trucks will require a different level of coverage […]

Your College Student’s Insurance Needs

Whether your son or daughter will be living in a college dorm or in an off-campus apartment, you need to update your insurance so you and your child have the necessary insurance coverage.

PA Insurance Fraud Convictions Increase by 24 Percent

According to fraud statistics compiled by the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority, suspected insurance fraud referrals increased by 9 percent in 2013 while criminal convictions increased 24 percent. Auto insurance fraud referrals increased by 9 percent. Workers compensation referrals increased 7 percent. Homeowners’ and renters insurance increased by 12 percent. Insurance fraud bureaus in Pennsylvania […]

Insurers in Tennessee Consider Shift in Roofing Policies

Some property insurers in Tennessee have filed to expand or shift their roofing policy terms to include actual cash value policies. What exactly does this mean?