Water Damage Mitigation: What You Should Know

Water damage as a result of frozen or broken water pipes is the most frequent cause of damage to the home. Repair from water damage is costly and time consuming. Homeowners that have had a leak before are twice as likely to have another. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to repair water […]

Traumatized Burglar Gets $$$

A recent NU Property Casualty 360 article entitled, Top 10 Bizarre Insurance Claims, had a real doozy of a claim. In his list of bizarre insurance claims, writer Denny Jacob’s listed one that caught our attention.

Annual Charity Nets $2,170 for Veterans Group

The recipient of E. R. Munro and Company’s third annual charity auction will soon receive a check for $2,170, thanks to the generosity of Munro employees. Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania was chosen as the local organization to receive this year’s auction proceeds through a vote by management and staff. The program provides housing, […]

Munro Represented at the National Auctioneers Annual Conference

Insurance Producer Greg Magnus and Bond Manager Chuck  Croyle have been attending the National Auctioneers Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, July 11-15, answering auctioneers’ bond and insurance questions. This is the 10th year Greg and Chuck have represented E. R. Munro and Company at the conference. Each year they hold a drawing to give away a Kindle. […]

Winter Trivia Questions

Can you guess the correct answers to these four chilly trivia questions? On average, one inch of rain is equivalent to how many inches of snow? True or False. It must be 32 degrees F or colder for it to snow. Which of the following is not affected by wind chill? Person Dog Car radiator […]