Nationwide Extending Payment Plans for Personal and Commercial Customers

Since March, Nationwide has provided customers financial relief upon request by waiving late fees, deferring payments and allowing mid-term policy changes without penalty.

Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover Fear

If you bought a travel insurance policy, according to travel insurance comparison site, viral outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics are not listed as a covered event. According to the site, “The coronavirus pandemic is considered a foreseen event by most travel insurance providers, meaning there are limited, if any, benefits available relating to the outbreak.” Further, […]

Arkansas Has New Auto Insurance Law

A new state law took effect at the beginning of 2020 requiring all Arkansas drivers to have vehicle insurance. The law covers only motorcycles and motor vehicles. If a driver does not have insurance, state officials will send the driver a letter telling them they have 30 days to get insurance or their registration on […]

Were You a Victim of the Equifax Data Breach? How to Claim Your Settlement

It’s been more than two years since Equifax, one of America’s three major credit reporting bureaus, suffered a major data breach, exposing the information of 143 million people. While we see a lot of data breaches, in this case, thieves made off with a dangerous amount of personal information, including social security numbers, addresses, birth […]

Rental cars come with risks you may not be aware of

During the holiday season, many travelers rely on rental cars to reach their destinations. Many of today’s cars are designed to make hands-free calls, stream music, and even access the Internet – but one has to connect to an infotainment system first.

No agent may mean no claim payment**

A U.S. District Court in northern West Virginia concluded that a couple who signed up for auto insurance electronically intended to conduct the entire transaction electronically. One of the plaintiffs was involved in an accident and learned that the online insurance company had not provided them with Underinsured Motorist coverage (UIM). The couple completed an […]

Amazon not liable for laptop battery fire

A federal judge in New Jersey has ruled that cannot be held liable as the seller of a laptop battery that allegedly caught fire and destroyed the customer’s home.

The state of our roads

It’s pretty clear to most drivers that roads in the United States, especially the interstate highway system, are in disrepair. Potholes and uneven road surfaces are the most obvious problems, but all over the country roads are crumbling and bridges are in danger of falling down. As the roads get worse, the potential for accidents […]

Producer Speaks at Auctioneers Association Chapter

E. R. Munro and Company’s Greg Magnus, insurance producer, spoke at the Northwest chapter of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association’s annual continuing education seminar on February 11, 2018. Greg talked about the importance of insurance for auctioneers and how it protects them and their businesses financially. Standing with Greg is Patrick Simonetta (left), Northwest Chapter Vice President.

Disasters Affected 8 Percent of U.S. Population in 2017

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) supported 59 major disaster declarations and 16 emergency declarations in 2017, a year during which unprecedented disasters affected more than 25 million Americans, almost 8 percent of the U.S. population.