Riots and Loss of Business Income

From our friends at FC&S: Not quite three years ago, violence broke out in Charlottesville Virginia, at a Unite the Right rally over the removal of confederate monuments. This weekend rioting broke out in several cities over the murder of George Floyd; shops have been broken into, windows have been broken, and significant damage has been […]

Stimulus Phishing Scams on the Rise

From Advent Communication Systems, Washington, PA. Great information for individuals and business owners. Phishing attacks linked to the coronavirus are on the rise. Cybercriminals are using this opportunity to gain access to company and personal information.

The Dangers of Groundwater Flooding

The common problem for homeowners during heavy rains and flooding is damage caused by groundwater. Groundwater includes sewer water that backs up into your home through the basement floor drain, water that seeps through your foundation from heavy rains, melting snow, and water from flooding. If water comes into your home at or below ground […]

When the weather outside is frightful

As a homeowner, you are responsible for snow and ice removal from your sidewalks and driveway. If someone slips and falls on your snow or ice-covered sidewalk or driveway, you can be held liable for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Your homeowners insurance policy comes with liability insurance as part of […]

Attention New York PIs and Watch Guards …

Here at E. R. Munro and Company, if you are a New York private investigator or watch guard, you now have the option of switching bonding companies at the time of your bond renewal. If you choose to switch, your premium will be $75. If you decide to stay with the same bonding company, your […]

Scary Halloween Decorations Could be a Liability

Your home’s exterior Halloween decorations could prove to be a hazard. As the homeowner, you need to consider “premises liability,” meaning if a trick-or-treater trips on an extension cord or other holiday decoration and injures themselves, you’ll be held accountable for the injury or legal expenses if they have medical bills or decide to sue […]

Ways Halloween can pose insurance risks

As Halloween nears, we’re going to focus for the next three weeks on some Halloween-related risks you should be aware of as a homeowner. Our first post focuses on the increase in property crime. Halloween is a day where you can play as your favorite movie villain. It’s also a day that many interpret as […]

Ways to Stay Safe If Disaster Threatens

With proper planning, you can minimize the likelihood and impact of a disaster harming you, your family, or your home. Here are some tips to help you prepare ahead of time: According to the Global Risks Reports 2019 survey, the gravest and most likely threats facing the world over the next decade include extreme weather […]

Take Precautions When Using Alternative Heating Sources

With the start of fall right around the corner (September 23), you’ll want to be cautious about relying on alternative heating methods to take the chill out of your home. If not installed or used properly, alternative heat sources such as space heaters, kerosene heaters and wood stoves, among others, increase the risk of fire […]

Get those home projects started before winter

If you haven’t started those projects around the house that will keep you and your family warm during frigid winter temperatures, it’s not too late to start. Inspect these areas around your home: Examine your chimney for missing mortar, cracks and structural problems. Make sure that the fireplace damper is working correctly and has a […]